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A specialist in improving people and teams performance in a corporate environment.

"A demanding challenge imposes “intense” rest."

About Me

I am a Full Professor of Physiology at the University of Porto, Portugal.

A recognized specialist with extensive experience in improving people and teams performance , whether in the context of high-performance sport or corporate environment.

Author and co-author of over 60 scientific articles published in international peer-reviewed journals and author of 5 books.

I have worked with companies such as: Deloitte, José de Mello Group, Siemens, Philips, Sonae, Banco Popular, Banco Santander, Ana Aeroportos, Wipro, Galp, Sage, PWC, Novo Banco, Standard Bank, Outsystems, Biogen, Galp, Hyundai, Farfetch, etc. More recently, I have participated in the physiological monitoring of international car drivers.

I am also a Scientific Lead of Deloitte’s FUEL project, a UNILABS Consultant, a  scientific advisor for the Powermotion Group (experts in car driver training) and a guest lecturer at Porto Business School.

Specialist with extensive experience in improving people and teams performance , whether in the context of high-performance sport or corporate environment.

  • Lead of FUEL Deloitte At Deloitte

I have been developing internal work to improve performance, as well as for clients of the consultancy. Most recently, I am the scientific lead of Deloitte’s FUEL project. I am responsible for the R&D area of the project and for liaising with external partners with a special focus on the academic and scientific component.

  • External Consultant Unilabs

I have worked with Unilabs in the area of innovation and R&D by creating health and performance improvement projects in different contexts with special interest on the integration of wearables and other physiological monitoring devices.

  • Full Professor of Physiology at the University of Porto
    Specialist with extensive experience in improving people and teams performance, whether in the context of high-performance sport or corporate environment.
  • Physiologist and Scientific consultant Motor and Sport Institute Pilot evaluation and physiological support to pilots before and during tests, with special interest in endurance tests.
  • Author and speaker Author and co-author of more than 60 scientific articles published in international peer-reviewed journals and author of 5 books. I have, also, been working intensively with numerous companies, both national and international, in developing the individual performance of employees and teams. My action is based on 3 modalities of intervention:talks, workshops, personal support using physiological evaluations, (autonomic nervous system, blood and saliva analyses) to study stress and fatigue, quality of sleep, nutritional profile, levels of physical activity as other biological variables.
  • Creator of the Clinical Exercise Service CUF Institute Creator of the exercise program for women with breast cancer


  • Help Physiologist of the Handball National Team Seleção Nacional de andebol 2002-2007
  • Physiologist of the Football National Team Seleção Nacional de futebol 2002
  • Physiologist of the Football Team Boavista Futebol
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Years of Experience


Speaking Events

I love to communicate and share knowledge but I don’t consider myself a talker or a speaker.
My intervention consists in sharing the knowledge I have from my work experience with athletes and bring it to the corporate world in three dimensions, brain, heart and body

Some of the topics that I can share with your company are:

Impact of Stress and Fatigue on Decision Making

Impact of stress and fatigue on individual and team performance

Stress, fatigue and mental health

Stress and fatigue and brain

Stress, fatigue and health and wellbeing

Exercise and brain

Physiology applied to corporate environment. How to maximize energy?


Books published

I am very proud to be the author of 5 books, 4 of which published by Porto Editora as “Reload. Menos stress. Melhor performance“, “Running. Muito mais do que correr, “A Empresa como Organismo Vivo”, O Treino do Futebolista – Volume 1. Resistência – Força – Velocidade” and “O Treino do Futebolista – Volume 2. Lesões – Nutrição” published by Editora Guerra & Paz.

More About

I am curious about the study of human performance, with special focus on cognitive function.
I am particularly interested in the development and applicability of wearables for evaluation of human physiology.
Personal and professional curiosity (“scientific lead of the Fuel Project at Deloitte) in artificial intelligence and machine learning. I have a great taste for biographies of great world leaders, I am passionate about comics, amateur photographer and have a special taste for developing black and white photographs. I am a huge fan of sports, regardless of the sport. 

I am also a volunteer in the Portuguese League Against Cancer with special participation in the soccer team “Os Resistentes” of the Pediatrics of the IPO of Porto. 

Meet My Energy Topics

Would you like to improve your team's performance?



Reload is a book about stress and its consequences on the lives of employees and companies. It is also a path.

Do you feel tired and/or exhausted at the end of the day?
Does your memory show signs of waning?
Is your communication skills losing effectiveness?
And do you still wake up tired in the morning? Stop! “If not, the body will stop”, warns José Soares, professor of Physiology at the University of Porto.

Expert says sleep, exercise and eating can help manage stress.

Physiology specialist José Soares said this Thursday that preparing sleep, exercising, having moments of relaxation and a balanced diet are some of the activities that can help manage the stress and pressure caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The way we work today “is very dysfunctional”.
We will pay a price for the way we are working today, not only from the performance point of view, but also from the health point of view, says José Soares. The professor of physiology has written a book with strategies to minimize the stress caused by stressful professional environments. And he says it’s not a leader who wants to, but who can.

One of the great teasers of the fourth conference of “There is Engineering Outside the Box” was the question: why don’t we sleep well in this context of telework and pandemic that we are all experiencing? And José Soares, Professor of Physiology at the University of Porto and Specialist in Human Performance clearly gave us the answer. But he left many other messages that are worth reviewing and retaining.

My Clients

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