People Who Inspire
Tv Show

Porto Canal
Tuesdays at 11h30 am
Fridays at 8h30 pm

People Who Inspire

It is a tv show of interviews made by a non-journalist with people who, not being known to the majority of the public, have something to tell that adds and inspires.
Twenty e five minutes of a relaxed talking, without script, where the conversation flows with emphasis on the interviewee’s inspirational side. All guests are chosen, not for what they do in their professional life, but for what they add to the life of each one of us.

Watch Now

People Who Inspire -1st Tv show
with Carla Rêgo

People Who Inspire - 2nd Tv show
with Pedro Carvalho

People Who Inspire -3th Tv show
with Bastian Freitas

People Who Inspire -4th Tv show
with Emiliano Ventura

Next Guests

April 23
Nuno Antunes

Advertiser who created the “imperfectionist” concept. Why should we all be the same? Why should we all be “perfect”, like “commodities”?

April 30
António Costa Pereira

Captain of TAP Airlines and creator of the project “Zero Desperdício”.


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